40 Pounds of GRIZZLY BAG (Big Nuggets, Our Richest Pay!) Gold-Rich Unsearched Paydirt Concentrate from YELLOWSTONE PAYDIRT

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You will receive at least FORTY POUNDS of GRIZZLY BAG gold-rich Paydirt Concentrate.

  • Our GRIZZLY BAG Gold-Rich Unsearched Paydirt Concentrate is our richest paydirt.  You can expect to find great gold including lots of pickers and nuggets!
  • GRIZZLY BAG paydirt is from our remote, upstream prospecting locations.  The location is remote and more difficult to access, however this paydirt is from higher in the mountains and thus produces LARGER AMOUNTS of gold!
  • Pan for gold as seen on TV shows from the comfort of your own home.


Our GRIZZLY BAG Paydirt is from known gold-belts and comes from a blend of paydirt and concentrates from streams that are known for producing gold-rich pockets of fines, nuggets, and chunky gold.  Added gold comes from active gold mines and claims all over North America. YELLOWSTONE PAYDIRT works directly with miners to bring you the best paydirt around!

Our gold paydirt is from geological source deposits where gold may be found.  Since panning and recovery results vary depending on user skill, no guarantees can be made for finding a specific amount, size, weight, or value of gold or minerals.  Gold paydirt is used for education, hobby, and entertainment.



  • United States:  FREE USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING!  2 to 3 day delivery anywhere in the United States.
  • International:  Yes, we ship anywhere in the world.  Please contact us for options.  Typically we ship international USPS Priority Mail using either a flat rate envelope (max of 4 pounds per USPS regulations) or a medium/large flat rate box (max of 20 pounds per USPS regulations).
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9 reviews for 40 Pounds of GRIZZLY BAG (Big Nuggets, Our Richest Pay!) Gold-Rich Unsearched Paydirt Concentrate from YELLOWSTONE PAYDIRT

  1. John T.

    Blown away by how much big chunky gold was in this paydirt, eureka!

  2. Josh R.

    Great stuff! Found bunch of fine gold, pickers, and tons of NUGGETS! Definitely will buy again.

  3. Robert M.

    Very impressed with the amount of gold in this bag of pay. Best ROI of any company I’ve tried.

  4. Jordan L.

    This is the best paydirt I’ve ever panned. I highly recommend Yellowstone Paydirt and have already ordered another bag.

  5. Austin R.

    Fun time panning with lots of nice color and big nuggets! Perfect for the in-home gold panning enthusiast! Would definitely buy again.

  6. Charles D.

    In my first pan of dirt I discovered a large picker and some nice chunky gold!

  7. Dave M.

    I have ordered twice from Yellowstone Paydirt and have been happy each time. They ship their products fast (unlike other paydirt companies) and the Grizzly Bag is my new favorite type of paydirt!

  8. Ryan N.

    The 40 pound Grizzly Bag is simply phenomenal! The nuggets are gigantic and this is the only type of paydirt I order now!

  9. Owen W.

    Thanks for having a quality product at a great price, you have my business from now on.

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